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How Do You Divide The Kindle Books In A Break-up?

Rose and I both have an Amazon account and after I bought her a Kindle I signed her up for the Amazon Prime membership which, among other things, allows her to borrow certain books for free. Around the same time I put the Kindle program on my tablet computer and linked it to her account. I just thought it would be easier and more efficient if we just had one library.

For anyone who does not know how it works, Amazon remembers all of your kindle purchases and keeps them for you “in the cloud.” When I purchase a kindle e-book, it goes to my (technically Rose’s) virtual library. I can then download the new purchase to my device, whether it be the Kindle, my tablet, my desktop computer or even my phone. To do this, all these devices must be registered to the same account.

If I end up with too many books on a certain device, I can remove some of them and still bring them back in the future if I want to. Another nice feature is that I can read a book on the kindle, then later pick up where I left off on my Android phone.

Here is where it can get confusing. A Kindle e-book is not like a regular book in more ways than one. Besides the obvious, you can’t sell a book when you finish reading it. You can’t even give it away. The best you can do is let someone borrow it for two weeks, but even then, that option must be allowed by the author or publisher. I don’t know all the details but I believe you do not purchase a book but it is more like you buy the right to read it.

I wonder what happens to that right when you die. Does it disappear or does it go to your next-of-kin? Can you leave your rights to someone in your will? Sure, anyone with your username and password can have access to them but what if your benefactor does not know it? Can they petition Amazon for your library?

What I am really curious about is what happens when a couple gets divorced and the one who’s name the account is under changes the password?  I have a good marriage and I don’t have to worry about this but many people do not. I am not a lawyer but I believe anything purchased during a marriage is community property so when the assets are divided up in a divorce the e-books should be part of that division but there seems to be no way to do that.

Technology has changed our lives so much these last couple of decades and the laws that were made for a non-digital society just don’t always apply anymore.I guess for now, in cases like this, we need someone like Judge Solomon to threaten to cut our Kindles in half. What do you think?


Amazon “Associates”

I recently joined the Amazon affiliate program which they refer to as “Associates.” With it I will get about four percent of anything that someone buys when going through my link. It’s not much but I am hoping to at least pay my web hosting bill.

The biggest problem is that I can’t get a commission on anything that I buy. I don’t like it but I understand that they do it that way to keep people from signing up just to get a personal discount.

I recently bought Rose a Kindle and signed up for the Amazon Prime membership. With it we get to borrow an e-book once a month and we get free 2-day shipping on anything that is fulfilled by Amazon. Now I’m tempted to just order everything I need instead of driving around town looking for it. I was looking for cat food online yesterday which I would never do if I had to pay for shipping.

Prime also allows you to watch free movies like Netflix but there is two walls between my television and my router so the wi-fi connection is not good enough for streaming video. I ended up ordering a wi-fi repeater and hooked it up in the middle room but the signal is still barely under ideal. I guess I need to figure out a new strategy.