Hello everyone. My name is Charles Huss but most people call me “Chuck” except people that don’t know me or my wife after I have forgotten something important, which rarely happens more than twice a day.

I was born and raised in the northern Chicago area and moved to Florida in 1988 with my now ex-wife. We settled in the Dunedin area of Tampa Bay and had a son, Christopher, the following year. Chris is now married and still lives in Dunedin.

I met my current wife, Rose, in 1999, shortly after my father died. It is too bad he never met her because she has been so good for me. Fortunately my mother knows what a great wife I have. Rose and I were engaged two weeks after we met, married five month later and despite all the dire predictions, we are still happy together.

Rose’s company offered her a property manager position in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the summer of 2009. She took the job and did very well in turning the property around and making it profitable. We were there sixteen months when they brought her back to Florida to run the much larger property that she worked on as an assistant manager. We were so happy to get back to Florida. Myrtle Beach was okay but we love it here.

I can honestly say that I am writing this blog because of a rooster. One day a rooster showed up on Rose’s property and decided to stay. I took some pictures and posted them on the company’s Facebook page.

Someone in her corporate office said she should write a blog about “Rocky Rooster” so Rose put that task on me. I reluctantly took on the task without a clue what to write about. I first needed a name for the blog but Rocky rooster was taken so I named him Romeo and started romeorooster.blogspot.com. I have since stopped writing this blog because Romeo is no longer on the property.

I wrote as Romeo and made myself his “assistant.” It was fun and I discovered I loved blogging. I started badcatchris.com, about my bad cat. I then started newlybent.wordpress.com and wrote about my riding my new recumbent bicycle to work.

Just recently I added this site and another, JustFurLaughs.com, which I post my animal photographs with funny captions.

On these pages I just plan to write about what I am doing in my life and anything else that comes to mind. I hope you enjoy.

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