Cats, Cats Everywhere

Today we planned to take my son Chris and his wife to The German Restaurant (that’s the name) but Chris must have been up all night and didn’t want to go. Since it is one of our favorite places, we decided to go without them. When we got there was a sign saying they were closed until the 26th. We knew they were going to Germany but forgot about it.

Dagmar, one of the owners, is a cat lover and feeds several strays. While we were there we saw a couple of cats waiting next to empty food bowls. We walked around and saw at least four more cats and more empty bowls.

They had water but no food so we went to Publix and bought a bag of cat food. We then filled all the bowls and left the bag for the next person that came along. I just hope they don’t come back to shredded bag on their front patio.

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