Coronavirus Response Defies Logic

What has happened since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) reached the United States has been nothing short of bizarre and unbelievable. As far as I can tell, this virus is no worse than H1N1, SARS, Ebolola, and others, but the response has been a thousand times greater. It feels like the beginning of the Apocalypse.

I think the craziness in the United States started a little over a week ago when I read that people were hording toilet paper. That surprised me and still does because what is it about this virus that makes people think that toilet paper will suddenly stop being produced. After toilet paper, paper towels disappeared from store shelves. Again, I don’t get the logic. Will a virus prevent the manufacture or delivery of paper towels?

I can understand the disappearance of things like hand sanitizer, disinfectants and even isopropyl alcohol, but when the potato chip isle is ransacked it means we have all gone crazy. I guess nobody can survive an apocalypse without their chips.

I think it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. People think there will be a shortage of certain items so they stock up and create that shortage. The shortage then scares everyone else into stocking up.

The funny thing is, the produce section is pretty much untouched. I would think boosting your immune system with healthy, whole foods would be a top priority, but not so. Instead, people are buying up meats and canned soup, neither of which will help fight off a virus. I guess I could understand soup but not in a can.

The closing of businesses are what really bother me because it will be a huge burden on our economy and will increase our national debt beyond belief. Or should I say even more beyond belief? Some of the closings I agree with. Places where large groups of people crowd together should be closed, such as movie theaters, sporting events and the like, but closing retail stores and restaurants seem like overkill. Yes, there is a risk, but grocery stores are open and how is shopping at Macy’s more of a risk than the supermarket? I think if the stores are proactive with cleaning and people are diligent about washing their hands then that risk is minimal.

Restaurants are another place that should stay open. I think if each group of people are separated from other groups by six feet or more, and the staff practice good cleaning techniques, than it would probably be safer to eat out than to go to the grocery store.

So far, this is the worst mass panic that I have seen in my lifetime. As of now, I worry more about the response to the virus than I do about the virus. I will admit, though, that the possibility that this panic is justified has crossed my mind. Hopefully, the worst case scenario won’t come to pass and this will all go away soon. In the meantime, we should all try not to worry too much but also try not to take this too lightly. A little caution and some soap never hurt anyone.

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Response Defies Logic

  1. caren

    I respectfully disagree with you. There are now 15,000 PLUS cases in the state of New York alone. Washing hands isn’t enough. The virus is air borne as well. You live in Florida……..wait til the idiots returning from Spring break or those who LIVE in Florida returning to their prospective cities raise your cases…..people sit in close proximity at restaurants. Retail clothing stores are NOT necessities. Order online. Hoarding YES is an overreaction but closing businesses (grocery stores ARE vital as are drug stores)…… stop the spread from people who seem not to quite “get it” are NOT overreactions.

    1. Chuck Huss Post author

      By no means do I want to trivialize this virus. In fact, I know it is serious but I just wonder why it has evoked so much more fear than other contagious viruses like SARS, H1N1 and the flu. I recently read the following: “The CDC has estimated that at least 12,000 people have died from influenza between Oct. 1, 2019 through Feb. 1, 2020, and the number of deaths may be as high as 30,000.” That is just in the U.S. and it happens every year. Why does nobody panic about influenza? The people that die from this virus and also the flu are people who are already unhealthy and have a weak immune system. Worse, some of the drugs you get in the hospital weaken your immune system further. I find it is more important then ever to keep your immune system strong. I have been more vigilant lately about taking my vitamins. Some that I heard are most important now are high quality vitamins A, B complex, C, D and Zinc along with Omega 3 and probiotics. I hope you and your family stay in good health until this has passed.

  2. Dennis

    Do I see remaining potatoe chips there? There was a time in my life where potatoe chips were my main food. I was 20 at that time and can confirm that you can survive with them alone 😀

    Yes, it’s surreal right now. Most of our stores have now limits like “only two bags of toilet paper” and the situations starts to improve. Still some things out of stock but things get better.

    1. Charles Huss

      I told my wife that the toilet paper would soon be available again because once people had all the toilet paper they could ever use then they would stop buying. She doubted me but there was plenty of toilet paper at the store three days ago.


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