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Our Vacation – Part 1: Miami

We drove to Miami early last Friday in a Ford Taurus that we rented. The reason we rented a car is because our car has an issue that nobody can seem to fix but they still manage to extract huge sums of money from us.

View from Miami Hilton

View from Miami Hilton

We booked a room at the Downtown Hilton and were able to check in early. We were in room 1423 which had a pretty decent view. After we arrived we were hungry so we had to find a place too eat.

We ended up taking the free Metromover or whatever it is called and got off near Baywalk or Baypark or something like that. It is a big shopping area with stores and restaurants. We walked there in the rain and had lunch at Trader Jack’s on the water.

It was a nice lunch but the walk back was long and very humid with no breeze. The only reason we walked was because the tram smelled like dirty ass. At least what I imagine dirty ass smells like.

We didn’t do much else while in town. We did go to the hotel pool which is on the roof above the parking garage. It was a good spot to watch the sunset.

The next day we just had breakfast in the hotel and then checked out and went to the cruise terminal where we were booked on the Carnival Destiny for a five night cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

We arrived 45 minutes earlier than planned, around 10:15 but it turned out to be a great time to get there because we did not have to wait in any lines and were completely checked in ten minutes later. They started boarding at 11:00 (not noon like I expected) and we were aboard at 11:15.

More to come…