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Last Rites – A Last Healer Mystery

When I wrote The Last Healer, I did not intend to continue the story in a sequel, but several people who read the book said they wanted to read more about Katie and Joe. I decided to get to work on a second book that I titled Last Rites. I am happy to say it is now available.

Last Rites starts three months after the events of The Last Healer. Katie and Joe return from their honeymoon and learn that Katie’s friend, Ashley has been shot and near death. They race to Milwaukee so Joe can use his healing powers to save her and end up investigating the murder of Ashley’s mother. Like the first book, their investigation again leads them into danger.

This story continues to highlight the differences in personalities. Katie is the outgoing one. She knows how to talk to people and has a good moral compass. She also is a modern girl with fashion sense. Joe, being over a hundred years old, is grounded in the past. He is polite, chivalrous, and wise. He is also uncomfortable with technology and can sometimes be blunt when talking to people.

If you haven’t read The Last Healer, you can find it here. If you would like to read Last Rites click here. While it is better to read the books in order, you can read Last Rites by itself. If you do read one of my books, I would be grateful for a review. As of this writing, the print versions of Last Rites are not yet available due to an error in the cover design. I’m hoping to have that fixed soon.