Abbey Update

Skinny Abbey

Skinny Abbey

Our cat Abbey was diagnosed with irreversible liver failure about four weeks ago. We did not expect her to last long but she seems no better or worse today than she was when we brought her to the vet.

She still acts like she is okay. She eats, she purrs and she jumps on the counter. Unfortunately, she has become very skinny and has not put on any more weight since the vet visit. She also looked like she had jaundice then which seemed to diminish and come back.

I have been feeding all the cats more wet food and have been mixing a little milk thistle in her food. The problem with that is, the more I try to mix in, the less she wants to eat it.

I also bought something called Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Paw-Gel
which are vitamins in a tube. I put some on my finger and she licks it off. it is actually meant to be put on their paw but if I do that, it always ends up on the carpet.

One of Abbey's new hiding places.

One of Abbey’s new hiding places. Now she can fit under there.

The biggest problem with the vitamins is that it tastes good and when I try to give it to Abbey, Chris and Tigger are right there pushing Abbey out of the way so they can get some. I have no problem giving the other cats vitamins, it just becomes a hassle trying to make sure Abbey gets some.

I still hold out hope that she can get better, despite what the vet says, but I am also realistic and know that she probably won’t.

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