Rise of the Ebooks

Rose and I used to have a large library of books (if you can call a closet a library). After several moves we have reduced our books to about three shelves of a four-foot wide bookcase. My goal is to eliminate most of what is left.

For some time I have wanted to get a tablet computer. There was several reasons for that but one of the main reasons was so I could use it to read ebooks. With that in mind, I decided about a year ago, perhaps more, to stop buying physical books. I knew I had enough books that I haven’t read yet to keep me busy for quite a while.

At Christmas I finally found a great deal on an Android Acer Iconia Tablet
that I really liked but the rear camera didn’t work. When I returned it to Best Buy I discovered the item was discontinued (which their web page failed to mention) and it could not be replaced. I was fine with a broken camera but I wanted a little compensation for it but the Best Buy manager refused to do anything for me, so I returned it.

For my birthday in July I found another Acer Tablet but this one was running Windows 7 and came with a dockable keyboard, which were both a plus. Finally I had a nice tablet that I could use to read in bed, or wherever I wanted, but then Rose needed one, so I bought her a Kindle Touch, which was recently replaced by the Kindle Paperwhite.

It is nice that we can both sit and read together now. I know, we could have done it before with real books, but we didn’t. It is interesting that all of our ebooks appear on both of our devices and I find myself reading my books on Roses’s Kindle when she is not using it (don’t tell her). I like having my tablet computer but for ebooks, I am a little jealous because Rose’s Kindle is so light and easy to read.

Now my dilemma is that I will never catch up on reading my physical books so I can get rid of them because I keep buying new ebooks.

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