Clint Eastwood For President

Clint Eastwood has always been one of my favorite actors. I never knew (or cared) what political party he belonged to until yesterday. This morning I heard about all the people who were making fun of him and the embarrassing speech he made last night. The news people said he was talking to an empty chair like he had gone insane.

I had to see for myself so I watched his speech online this morning. The empty chair represented Obama and was a prop for the speech, probably written by someone else who thought that was a good idea. Clint also seemed to forget at times what he was supposed to say, which was hard to watch but it was hardly bad enough to make fun of him like he was going senile.

The man is 82 years old. I would be lucky if I could remember half of that speech he gave at half his age…okay, maybe a little more than half. I guess my point is, I would hate to see a great man’s reputation ruined because he forgot his lines.

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